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"Brilliant you guys smashed it out of the park."

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- Brian Moore

"I LOVE IT!! The Elementalist is really gorgeous, and the Fihyr makes me wish I could print these to look exactly like this, with the lovely translucent amber and blue accents~ But that just makes me more determined to paint them as well as I can! I definitely dig the centerpiece too, it's perfect!"

- Alayna

"OK...THIS is now my favorite set! I love them all, but Fludiliah is my favorite...all the details and her pose...just awesome. The centerpiece...I actually see myself putting this one on display in my gaming area. I've liked the others, but only have so much room. I'll make room for this one. What a lovely, fantastical set...I was getting so many ideas just watching this quick video. Your team is incredibly talented and creative, and I look forward to seeing what they come up with each month. Now go have a drink and relax...Cheers!"

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"This is awesome! From whimsical to fantastical - So much variety in this set! You outdid yourselves again. "

- Scott Evil

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- Angela Basset

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Wizards Guild

Here they are, in all their mystical and magical magnificence: The Wizards from the Wizards’ Guild!

What can I say… Every month, I feel like: “God, is it cool enough? Did we do enough? Will you like it?”.

The team must somewhat be laughing behind my back, because every month I feel the same.

Then we output everything and the video comes out… And then I realize… WOOOOWW !!

I sure hope you will feel like me because, well... this is kicking some serious ass!

And there is such a diversity of characters in this release! Let me tell you a bit more about it….


Many Characters and Creatures for Many Different Uses

This is probably the most diverse release you can lay your hands on since the start of our 3D printing adventure.

What does that mean for you?

Well, tons of different gaming options!


High Ranking Wizards

Of course you have the all powerful, high ranking wizards that you deserve for that kind of release.

But they are built in a way that gives you a vast array of options when talking about their specialties, alignments, races and overall characterization.

If you are more into RPGs, this gives you a lot of interesting PCs to play, either to represent one of your existing characters or to create a new one.

They also make a very cool NPC gallery around which you can build either many encounters or full adventures..

Sel-Zelian, The Combat Mage will be perfect for back alley nightly encounters in a seedy city, while Makarian the Venerable Archivist will make for a very cool riddle-cracking sequence, or as a boss who looks deceptively weak but wields immense powers and secrets.

If you are more into wargames, well there are quite a few different types of mages to put on the battlefield… I know that some of these will instantly fit into several armies, like Efulgador who would be a great Chaos Sorcerer for a bird-like Chaos God...

And Fludiliah would be perfect amongst an hedonistic themed army.

Well, I tend to think that nearly everybody will find a use for Fludiliah...

Monsters and Troops and other super cool Characters!

Ok, I’m probably making this too long already, so let’s make it quick…

Have you seen the Familiars? How COOL are they? A Displacer Beast Kitten... yesss!!

And the monsters? Can’t have wizards without a Golem for sure? And that Cockatrice? How awesome and unique will it look in your army?

And soooo many types of Mimics to scare your very overwhelmed Apprentices because a good game should also be the opportunity to have a few good laughs, funny characters and manic situations.

And then there are these NPCs that we like so much because they are unique and really bring life to an adventure, like Granny Critter, the Monsters Merchant and Fat Mouth, the Components Merchant. Are these people trustworthy, plain dishonest or just a bit mischievous? That is for you to say… That’s your adventure!

And about the troops, well there are A LOT of combinations in this one!

The Troop section was a bit tricky because, well, Wizards are loners and not necessarily the type to raise an army. So we’ve followed your suggestions as much as possible to build the Wizards’ entourage and bodyguards. You can definitely create a lot of different situations with these!


As promised in the previous release, we’ve sized down the centerpiece to a more printable size. It is freaking cool as a beautiful pedestal to showcase some of your best minis or as scenery for an epic encounter during your adventures. And it is chock-a-block full of little details!

You get a crazy cool kit that will let you build some amazing Wizards’ manors with high towers and bartizans and overhangs...

Hell, you could build a full city just with that kit!

Here is the full line-up of all the minis from this release.

Wizard's Guild