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Undeads and Heroes of the Haunted City

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Over 50 mesmerizing Ready-To-3D-Print* heroes, troops, monsters and scenery.
Build a full wargaming army or stage an amazing role playing adventure.

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* All miniatures are available in both unsupported and supported format, ready to print on your 3D printer.

 "This has to be one of the sets I have been most enthused to see out of all released. An undead banshee jester queen?! Several other banshees and undead that look absolutely great? Assorted other Renaissance attire figures? Absolutely magnificent!"

- mixofreak

"Wow. I am floored with this release and its diverse collection. You guys keep my ANOTHER month! The Galloping Screamers. The Banshees. The Arquebusiers. And the Heroes and Monsters. Lord, I can't pick a favorite... Awesome job."

- Chip Aaron

"To be honest, I absolutely love them all! If i had to, gun to my head pick one/two, it would be the Wailing Queen and then the Militia Commander"

- Michael Abbott

"Such great scenery! Really makes such an engaging atmosphere for battles against the undead. Gonna need so much more resin lol"

- Daniel

"Awesome set! So happy you decided to do Undead and Witchhunters/Paladins. I really love them all."

- Herman Eilering

"Awesome! You guys find a way to wow me at each release."

 - Hellvlad

Here is the full line-up of all the minis from this release.

Arcadian Elves 2 width=

From the release post

We've got an adventure-packed release for you this month that is sure to shake things up! This time, two factions are facing off against each other, with the good guys infiltrating the city of the bad guys. And, for the first time ever, we've created a group of adventurers who are about to face a deadly foe.

The best part? This release is jam-packed with flexibility, meaning you can use it for all your role-playing campaigns, wargaming needs, and fantasy adventure games.

Let's talk key characters, shall we? You guys loved our Wood Elves so much that we decided to create even more for you to beef up your forces. Plus, we know how much you adore our Sisters, so we've designed two new characters that will make great additions to any type of Sister armies. And for all you vampire hunter fans out there, we've got something special just for you – the Ash character, complete with a Van Helsing-type costume. 

But wait, there's more! The scenery in this set is absolutely stunning and perfect for creating a creepy cemetery. And the centerpiece of this release? A stampede of undead horses that will take your breath away.

So, what are you waiting for? Let us know which miniatures you're most excited about and how you plan to use them.