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Paladin Knights of the Eternal Light

Over 50 mesmerizing Ready-To-3D-Print* heroes, troops, monsters and scenery.
Build a full wargaming army or stage an amazing role playing adventure.

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* All miniatures are available in both unsupported and supported format, ready to print on your 3D printer.

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"Bullseye. This is spot on. I love the more practical centerpiece and all those troop poses! Excellent collection all around!"

- Alex A.

"I think it is one of my favourites, I really like what you guys have done. The whole set looks great. "

- James Berryman

"Wow! This month's release is amazing. You have surpassed my (already high) expectations. Great work. "

- David Núñez

"Bravo, just Bravo really you guys are amazing and you should be extremely proud of yourselves."

- Azymandias

"I have always been a sucker for dragons, the one in this release is gorgeous. I'm going to have fun scaling him up"

- nightlurker

"I think it is one of my favourites, I really like what you guys have done. The whole set looks great. "

- James Berryman

This amazing set of ready to 3D print miniatures comes fully supported.
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Paladin Knights of the Eternal Light

And boy, the sculpts are…

A lot of you have been asking us to do some more Raging Heroes’ style miniatures in line with our existing ranges, so here it is!

This set is a full host of charging heavy knights together with their settlements!

Cool stuff for everyone!

As always, we’ve also tried to make sure everyone would find something to their taste in this release.

That’s why you’ll find great characters for your RPG adventures, some very cool troops for your Wargaming needs, amazing modular scenery (frankly, just that is insane! Most companies would run a full Kickstarter with just that.)

And there is even something really special if you play that SciFi Grimdark wargame…


If you really want to go crazy, you can always extend the centerpiece with the many modular parts that are available to you.

So you have plenty of options!

Here is the full line-up of all the minis from this release.

Paladin Knights