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Grim Darkness of the Inquisition part II

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 "It's nearly impossible to choose a favorite in this release. It truly is one of the best I've seen. Ervile is truly menacing as a ruthless Inquisitor, so he is definitely a standout for me. They're all so good and unique in their own right. I can see backstories for all of them and can't wait to flesh them out in my own games. The Juggernauts and Ironclads are just amazing too. I mean, you all really outdid yourselves with this one!"

- Daniel

"Can't wait to get started on the CenterPiece, it absolutely blew my mind when I saw it in the video, please please more models like this!!"

- Alan Wijntje

"Amazing set! Now I am going to have to acquire the first Inquisition set with the supertank!"

- Ronald Labor

"WOW! Just amazing. What an epic follow up to the first Inquisition release! I love every single model and will indeed print every single one! The characters really capture a grim and uncompromising resolve to stamping out the darkness and heretical. Those machines though..... I'm itching to print those Ironclads. Seriously great job to all at RH. You deserve a raise and a vacation!"

- disqus_FTRNWsbOI7

"I want that Ironclad for all of my Imperium armies. That's sick"

- Aaron Fyffe

"Worth the price for the scenery alone. :)"

 - Graham Bartram

Keranguard, the Pretorian Grand Marshall is a perfect leader for your Pretorian army. His natural charisma and authority inspire order and discipline in the ranks. He is the reason his Pretorian soldiers will never break.

Annilia, the Space Trader, is an elegant and beautiful space adventurer and merchant character. She is absolutely bursting at the seams with swag and attitude. You could use her as much as a Space Merchant as an Inquisitrix. She has this very typical over-the-top powerful and elegant vibe that is very much Raging Heroes.

Grand Canoness Eloridaan is the coolest canoness we’ve ever released. And of course she will be at her best riding her Pulpit of Perpetual Atonement. And she will also be great when leading your sisters to battle.

Inquisitor Jarzaben, the Relentless, is the man you can confidently put on any mission. Experienced, strong willed and extremely powerful, he’s seen it all and he will never back down.

Aerix and Sylerix, the two sanctified assassins, are an addition you cannot go without in your inquisitorial army. They will strike with silent fury and handle any job that requires swiftness and anonymity. Things that even the Inquisitors themselves could not not admit doing.

Ervile the Grim is the kind of Extremist Inquisitor who would prefer to cleanse an entire planet with fire rather than to let a single heretic escape. His methods may be very disputable, but he always gets the job done. And on top of that, you can get him in different versions if you are subscribed to our Overlord Tier.

Zealot Battle Bishop Marthyreliah is to me the kind of character who perfectly exemplifies the craziness of this world. Powerful, sexy, yet completely creepy and insane with her gas mask, her bishop head piece and her flame gun. She's definitely one of my favorites in this release.

Inquisitrix Coralia T’Eriex is the kind of character who doesn't fear visiting the farthest reaches of space to track down heretics, traitors and mutants. This extremely elegant character won’t shy away from using alien technology and creatures to attain her goals.

This month's centerpiece is an incredible Inquisitorial Juggernaut that you absolutely don't want to miss. You can escort it with a few Ironclads for good measure.

Here is the full line-up of all the minis from this release.

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