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Empires of the Eastern Suns Part II

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 "Honestly, it's one of the best releases to date. The creativity of the characters is outstanding and both monsters are badass. I just signed up for Overlord on your website! Love your work! "

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"I love the centerpiece Boss Monster. The entire release feels like a 90s arcade game - and I mean that as a big compliment, the 90s were the golden age of arcade. Ayame Nakamura is my favorite model of the release, Tatsuya Oda looks badass and the Troops all turned out great. Raiden makes for a great villain, equally at home with his court and his zombie army."

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Yuri Akatsuki, the Soul Reaper Queen - Once a benevolent empress, Yuri was corrupted by dark magic and now rules over an army of Undeads. She drains the souls of her enemies to expand her zombie hordes.


Raiden Yamazaki, Emperor of the Damned - A fallen monk who uses twisted spiritual powers to raise the dead. His guard of unholy monks and zombies enforce his will.

Sakura Hayashi, the Grave Dancer - A deceptive Nekomata who seems sweet but secretly practices dark necromancy. She controls the undead with her hypnotic rituals.

Izumi Umino, Mistress of the Deep - A seductive devil woman whose flying carnivorous fish do her evil bidding. She is plotting to overthrow the Soul Reaper Queen.

Takashi Sato, the Enigmatic Tengu - A Tengu who keeps his intentions veiled. He could be good or evil depending on his unrevealed motivations.

Kiyoko Tanaka, the Blood Drinker - A Rokurokubi who lures the unwary during the day, then attacks them at night to drink their blood. The Queen uses her as an assassin.

Akane Hayashi, Captain of the Onna-Musha - A determined woman samurai leading a band of female warriors against the Soul Reaper Queen. She seeks to end the queen's dark reign.


Ryuunosuke Saito, the Queen's Champion - A mighty Oni who relishes battle and serves as the undead queen's fiercest warrior.

Kentaro Ito, General of the Damned - This Oni is the Undead Field Commander of the Emperor's Undead armies. He rides an evil dragon into battle. 

Here is the full line-up of all the minis from this release.

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