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 "Well, that's really cool. I'm not usually a fan of dwarves, but you've got me hooked with these!"

- Natalie, but spookier

"THANK YOU! I really wanted dwarves, thanks for following the customers request on this one."

- Berserk Shirt Bear

"Well, you did it. Those are definitely Heroes Infinite Dwarves. <3
I want to immediately print at least half of this release.
I really like that you're giving us options with the backpacks.

- eyflfla

"Hi there! First of all, let me just say that your artwork with these miniatures is phenomenal! I'm a new Patron, and I'm excited to start printing the Dwarves set for November!"

- Nate Blaum

"Steampunk Dwarves? Oh HECK YEAH! These are amazing amazing amazing!!!!"

- Grognard Gaming

"These are absolutely epic, I cannot wait to print and paint that centerpiece, what a gorgeous model."

 - Niestej

"You know what would go great with this release? Dwar....wait, wow what a great release!"

- Morgan Mendenhall

This amazing set of ready to 3D print miniatures comes fully supported.
This set is not available in physical miniatures yet but will be in the future.
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As I always do, I began by going back to your feedback and I saw that Arcanepunk had been a recurring ask that kept on growing throughout the past year.

And as I was looking for a unique angle for our Heroes Infinite Dwarves, I thought: “This is it! Let’s give some of our Dwarves a touch of Arcanepunk.”

But while I was working on this Fantasy Dwarves project, after all the concept work had already been done for the release and sculpts were coming in, we ran another poll to find out what you wanted for the upcoming Winter season. And among the over 900 answers we received, many of you said: Sci-Fi Dwarves!

And so, suddenly, I was like: “Aggghhh, can I make all of that work together at once?”

As we saw November and Black Friday coming up, we actually thought that this could be the opportunity to try and come up with some kind of Sci-Fi/Fantasy double release…

We worked on that very hard. We developed super cool concepts, and even a few early sculpts.

But we had to face the truth: it was way too much for us to try and output inside a single month… So we shifted our focus back to give you the best possible Arcanepunk Fantasy Dwarves that we could.

And there you have it: the first chapter of the Dwarves story at Heroes Infinite / Raging Heroes.

For now, they are these proud, strong and extremely ingenious Fantasy Dwarves.

Here is the full line-up of all the minis from this release.

Dwarves width=