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Dark Space Void Elves

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Over 50 mesmerizing Ready-To-3D-Print* heroes, troops, monsters and scenery.
Build a full wargaming army or stage an amazing role-playing adventure.

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Complete your army with our Arcadian Elves 2 Release!

* All miniatures are available in both unsupported and supported format, ready to print on your 3D printer.

 "YESSSSSS!! Finding decent minis for my evil space elves is the exact reason I became a subscriber!"

Brandon Smith

"WOW. Love it! love it! love it!"

- Dale Slee

"One of the best releases so far - loving the sci fi!"

- Rohan McGowan

"Hi Heroes Infinite team! Just wanted to send my appreciation for the amazing set this month. It's really a dream come true, and a masterpiece. Keep up the amazing work"

- Dave

"Absolutely love them all but the Medusa is my favorite!"

- Brandon Hinerman

"the dynamic posing for even the troops is incredible. Great work team!!! I love that there are alternate HQ's for each role in case you want to run 2 and have them look destinct, and the forethought to add hq's on gliders is awesome!!!"


Here is the full line-up of all the minis from this release.

Steampunk Adventures of the Mechanium width=

From the release post

Evil Elegance and More

The characters in this release are, in my opinion, remarkable. 

We really tried to infuse them with that evil elegance that goes so well with dark chaos, whether they are sci-fi or fantasy. Each character is distinctive. Some are genuinely otherworldly. All will enhance (or get you to start building) your Void Elf army.

And then you’ll find our awesome and beautifully updated troops. To those we added new troops not previously available in our physical line, expanding the potential of the Raging Heroes and Heroes Infinite ranges.

Let's highlight a few characters:

Queen Nyssa the Viperthorn, an imposing and fearsome leader.

Characters like Dryack the Electro-Executrix champion, Vexandra the Fletch Stitcher, and Vhorak the Wretched are bound to make a statement on your table.

Serpenthia Shadow Coil and Xyra de Medusa are our spins on characters that were begging for extra-special design attention. In particular, Xyra the Medusa is an updated version of one of our most popular characters, and she's simply stunning.

And we know that this time you will definitely want to print that Centerpiece and use it in your games.

Not to mention that, if you wanted to, you could print an entire squadron of our amazing Jet Fighters if you wanted to…

We've revamped our original Raging Heroes Troops: we kept their original, super dynamic poses, but we updated pretty much everything else, from their anatomy to their armor, and especially their helmets.

Additionally, as always, we're offering our unmatched selection of Terrain pieces to help craft a themed table, an example of which you can see in our release video.

It’s Your Turn!

While we understand not everyone is a Sci-Fi enthusiast, we know that you’ll all appreciate the quality of this release. And fear not, we've got an exciting array of fantasy pieces planned for Christmas that promises to be one of our best yet.

We're eager to hear from you. Which characters are your favorites? Which ones are you printing first? How do you plan to incorporate these characters into your games or stories?