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Carnevil Circus

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Carnevil Circus

Adventuring to discover the mysteries of Ravenloft?

Traveling the mist-shrouded lands where infamous Darklords lurk among ageless vampire?

Planning to fight zombie hordes, cosmic terrors, and worse, with the latest D&D sourcebook??
Let curiosity get the better of you and allow us to entertain with the Carnevil Circus, a travelling band of magical creatures and strange monstrosities!

Playing A Campaign In Ravenloft

Playing through Ravenloft gives you so many amazing options to run horrifically terrifying and entertaining games for your players.

You can take some well established horror tropes and subvert them to throw your players off balance and add to that sense of unease.

Maybe they run into a coven of witches with an enticing, yet suspicious offer. Moving away from that classic idea of witches as old hags, ugly and cursed, and making them a trio of beautiful and charismatic enchanters will make their offer harder to turn down.

Other times you can play right into these tropes but add a twist. Have some townsfolks ask your players to destroy a huge hulking monster, reborn in the laboratory of a crazed scientist that's terrorising them.

But Frankenstein's Monster was just feared and misunderstood, see if your players figure out the townfolks have been less than truthful, or are your players happy to be the cruel, torch-wielding mob, hunting down a creature that is just defending itself?

If they kill the creature you can reward your players... with a dark and twisted gift!

The Carnevil Circus is packed with awesome miniatures to run your own horror campaign. Tons of characterful models to play NPCs and Villains from a dark and twisted land.

Here is the full line-up of all the minis from this release.

Carnevil Circus

From the release post

Wow, the October video is finally here!

And we are crazy excited about this release!!!

What is it?

I know that some of you were getting a little bit anxious these last few days: “No news, what’s going on?!?”

Well, we didn’t want to spoil it and say that we were working on something for Halloween because, well, it could be anything. And we didn’t want to say that we were working on a crazy circus because it could go in so many different directions... 

We wanted to be able to show you instead.

So we soldiered on and worked crazy hard on this. We were hoping to release the video last Wednesday, but we overshot by far and spent the entire weekend and this Monday finishing the sculpts and the video edit!

As always, we could not stop ourselves and let go of some of the ideas we had. So instead of about 15 miniatures, this month you’re getting a bit more than 20, including 2 centerpieces and a super cool gypsy caravan from hell pulled by… oh well, run and go watch the video ;)

So pray tell: which ones will you print first, and for what purpose?