What if...


... you and your family could spend Christmas in a Wizards’ School?

... you could own and gift a Wizards’ arcane artefacts?

... you could trim your house with all manners of enchanted ornaments?

... you could metamorphose your table with food fit for a magical feast?

... you could spell your 3D printer to print enchanted artefacts, curiosities, gifts, and miniatures that
Wizards usually keep for themselves?

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With A Wizards' Christmas, You Can!


Take a deep dive into the most precious artefacts of medieval times and of emperors of far away lands, infused with Fantasy.

Everyone in the family will find something to love with these beautiful curiosities.

Bring forth these treasures without breaking the bank with the magic of your 3D printer.

But most importantly,  round up family and friends to share priceless moments: print, paint, decorate, play, and create cherished memories together.

3D print 302 phantasmagorical
ornaments and curiosities

A value of $725, starting at  $99 !!


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Gather the family around, 
"A Wizards’ Christmas" is back with
over 300 3D-printable ornaments and curiosities!!

The original project (see video above) contained 200 items

The Extended version  (see video below) added
a 100+ more items (included in this pack)
to make your holidays 
even more magical.

Watch below
A Wizards' Christmas Extended Edition
featuring many of the new items: 

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Get your whole family involved in
printing and painting
fantastical ornaments for your home,
wizarding accoutrements to feel more magical,
and it wouldn’t be a Raging Heroes’ collection
without a few amazing miniatures...

With over 300+ ready to 3D print models
A Wizards Christmas
will make your Christmas truly magical.


What's in A Wizards' Christmas?
All of this:


Artefacts of Bygone Marvels

Crafted in mysterious ways, these mechanical devices are the perfect companions of any master magician. These artefacts will open at the right moment and reveal their hidden secrets...


Globes of Gothic Adornment

Imbued by the spirit of their gothic craftspeople, these globes will splendidly dress up your tree. And can you imagine the effect if you slip a led light inside them?


Christmas Adventurers

At Raging Heroes, we love miniatures and, of course, the magical Christmas season, so we waved our wands to create Christmas versions of some of our favourite characters. 


Winter Spheres of Distant Travel

Great wizards use such orbs to help transport their thoughts to faraway places. 


Charms of Polyhedral Luck

Show off your geek pride and hang these charms on your tree.


Fairies' Tear Drops

Whenever a Winter Faerie experiences great suffering, she steps outside her world and crafts a unique item to work through it and remember. They call these unusual and exquisite items the Faeries' Tear Drops.


Jewels of the Master Wizards

For magic practitioners, jewels are much more than mere ornaments. They can hold powerful spells or increase their wearer's magical skills. And what if you are not a mage? Well, they will definitely boost your Charisma!


Ambush of the Bad Elves

Dread Bad Elves? Want to ward off the Grinch? Hang those from your Christmas tree and you will be free of bad holiday spirits. Even grumpy Krampus will look for another place to visit instead.


Wizarding Apparatus

The bread and butter of every wizard's equipment. A wizard will require the use of many of those  during their adventures, so don't choose just one!


Baubles of the Little Ones 3D

Perfect for the smaller wizard apprentices! Hone their painting skills with those delightful items so they can help you in the future with the hordes of unpainted models you keep under your bed ;)


Baubles of the Little Ones 2D

Your home elves are very young, or you are running out of time? 2D baubles are the fastest way to decorate your tree if you don't want to use magic and prefer a more mundane method.  :)


Charms of the Sorcerer's Abode

Christmas is so much more than a decorated tree. You'll want these to spruce up your dinner table and give your home the full Wizards' Christmas experience. 


Marvelous Munchies Makers

Crafting potions made you hungry ? Gather the family around and create the best-shaped Christmas cookies with these perfect cookie cutters! And hey, don't eat all that raw dough!! I can see you ;)


Succulent Castle of the Mage Chef

Time to play with your food!! Channel your dual class character, half cook and half architect and create the most magnificent castle that cookie dough can make with this  carefully designed cookie cutter set. Your imagination,  and the space you have,  are your only limits!


Orbs of the Adventurers

Love our Christmas Adventurers? Here, we've set them up inside enchantingly crafted openwork balls to hang up in your tree.


The Pits of Fortune

Crafted to tame the most magical dice. Also these will prevent your house elves intents to modify your rolls against you.


Charms from the Future Past

The powerful Arch-Mage drank once a potion to foresee the future in order to take advantage of his enemies. What he saw remains a mystery but the morning after the lab blackboard was covered with this strange shapes.


Powerful Spells of Wishful Thinking

Magic is a powerful force that can be invoked in any language. Just make sure you pronounce it in the right way so you cast the right spell. Beware of Klingon’s spells.


The Luck Bringers

The legends of heroes are forged through these little little charms. Blind as justice, their verdict is final.


Spinning Amulets of Embellishment

In the magic world things moves fast, well maybe not always fast but, definitely wizards have a taste for things in motion. The pictures on the newspaper, frog shaped chocolates and, of course, their tree decorations.


The Portable Avatar of Christmas 

A witch life may take her far from home during many moons. This is why this device was invented. A piece of Christmas to accompany in the work space. 


A portrait of Nativity

Contrary to what some tales say a wizard is not a solitary entity. Wizards loves family and many of them put a nativity in their castles.


The Castle Familiars

Vigilant, protectors, and the reason why your grandmother’s jar is broken on the library’s floor. No mage could last long without the help of these creatures.


The 3-Legged Cat Tavern

Come on in a have a pint of your favorite beverage. We are open 7/24 in Christmas !! A selection of tavern pieces for your games or dioramas.


The Shadow Casters

Christmas has a special light. This little trinkets will help you to cast decorative shadows when a led candle inside. *Caution: Only use with led candles - don't bring fire near any of your artifacts.


The Drinking Fellas 

It is always a good thing to identify your cup in parties even more in pandemic times. This little fellas will help you to know where’s your drink immediately at the cost of a little sip every now and then. 

And here's a sneak preview of your file library:

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